My house party was so good the council gave me an ASBO

Did yours?

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Nine students have been hit with ASBOs after one Freshers’ Week party.

Disgruntled neighbour complaints prompted late-night visits from the council – who slapped the stunned housemates with ASBOs two weeks later.

Now they could also be fined £5000 each if they disturb Hyde Park residents again.

The Brudenell Avenue house pulled out all the stops on the night of 27th September, hiring speakers and strobe lights.

But despite three visits from the killjoy council that night, the party continued well into the early hours.

Second year history student Michelle Archer was one of the unlucky hosts.

She said “Things did get a little bit out of hand.

“The Council turned up at quarter to twelve, telling us to turn the music down. To be honest, we were really drunk and didn’t care.

“Throughout the night, they apparently turned up three times, but they spoke to different members of the house each time.

“So between us we didn’t know until the next day that they’d turned up that much.”

The next morning they discovered a written warning from the council which was given to someone outside the house and thrown on the floor.

After facing the wrath of furious neighbours and receiving an official verbal warning they thought the worst of it was over.

Michelle said: “They said that was our first warning and next time there was an incident we’d get a written one.

“So we thought that was the end of it. A couple of days letter we received another letter which said this was the written warning.

“We phoned the council because we hadn’t had another party since then, but we were told we were given another warning because we had more than fifty people in our house as well as excessive noise.

“Two weeks later, we all got ASBOs in the post.”

A repeat performance could cost the housemates five grand in individual fines and they’ve also been blacklisted by Leeds estate agents.

Michelle is less than impressed with how they’ve been treated.

She said: “I went to house parties during Freshers’ Week which were just as loud as that and nobody was reported then.”

The housemates haven’t been in any more trouble but none of them have told their parents yet.