Fortune teller ‘Mystic John’ terrorises Asian students with gruesome predictions

He boasted: ‘I guess those Chinese lot are an unlucky bunch’

For most international students it’s hard enough adjusting to a new culture, new country and language barriers.

So imagine the horror for a group of Asian students who fell prey to a local “fortune teller” predicting their terrible futures.

The Yorkshire-born fortune teller going by the name of John has been terrorising foreign undergrads in the city centre.

Mystic John, pictured here, warned frightened students about their impending doom

He claims that he can tell their fortune and offers them his kind service, before giving them a fortune predicting horrible accidents and bad luck, reducing some to tears.

Lucy Luo, a second year Fashion Marketing student of Chinese decent said: “When approached by the fortune teller man he told me he would tell me my fortune. He said he was trained in fortune telling for a number of years and was always very accurate.

“However, he told me I would suffer a fatal injury in the next two weeks as I had previously walked under some building works.

“I’m very upset by this.”

Distressed Student Lucy Luo

Lucy is not the only student to suffer at the hands of Mystic John. Nina Roo, an International Business Relations fresher said: “He approached me when I was out shopping telling me he had news for me.

“He said that he knew that the food I had bought was going to poison me and that I should throw it away. Of course I did this straight away as I believed he was right.”

The future’s not looking bright according to Mystic John

When we attempted to contact the phony psychic to ask about his powers, Mystic John refused, saying he could only see the fortune of those who weren’t British.

We then asked if he planned to continue his tyrant of abuse towards innocent international students and he said “was only telling the truth and was having their best interest to tell them their fortune.”

When asked why it was always bad luck, he simply responded “I guess those Chinese lot are an unlucky bunch.”