What even is a Gryphon anyway?

Leeds Student is changing its name. Yes, again


The Leeds Student newspaper will undergo a rebrand and will now be known as The Gryphon. Exciting.

The paper’s new title will be “The Gryphon”, the same as when the paper was first launched in 1897.

According to the press release, the name change represents the paper’s “MOST EXCITING REBRAND YET” (their capitals, not ours).

This comes a year after the paper’s hugely successful rebrand to LS…

These guys amirite?

Elected Editor Jasmine Andersson says that the rebrand represents a “bold new direction” for the newspaper, with the announcement going on to say that it will begin “a new era” for the publication.

#getyourgryphON, geddit guys?

The announcement comes complete with a cringe video that will ruin Missy Elliott’s Get Ur Freak On forever.

The news comes just months after a backlash against the Union’s controversial decision to stop printing the paper, following a financial crisis blamed on the former editor.

Some students aren’t too happy about the rebrand – Economics student James said: “I’m not really arsed, but it is a bit of a break with tradition. They might alienate readers who are used to the current name.”

The newspaper’s dramatic new logo

Others are more supportive – fourth-year Patrick said: “I think it’s a good idea, because it increases the link with the university sports teams and the university logo. Wait, does the logo have a gryphon on it?”

For those who don’t know – and nobody knows – a Gryphon (also spelt Griffin) is a mythical creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.

“Who do they think we are, Hogwarts?” said History student Alex Clifford. 

Like this

The paper will resume printing under its new name on the 19th September.