“An amazing fucked up union type thing”: Get Baked’s latest business venture

The Tab meets the man behind the world’s first munchies delivery business

In under three years Leeds has witnessed the unstoppable rise of Get Baked.

From burgers to cheesecakes to American candy, the once humble takeaway company has big plans.

With a social media presence in excess of 42,000 likes, The Tab thought it wise to get to know the man behind the genius/ madness.

After liaising over Facebook, the inventor of the world’s first dessert delivery explained that he’d prefer to remain anonymous. This left a face to face interview out of the question, and the writing up of the phone interview also difficult.

But, The Tab was not perturbed that easily on its mission to trace the company from humble roots to cult following.

The vision

First thing’s first, how did the idea come about for Get Baked? Was it as simple as this status suggests?!

Kinda yeah. But I’d always grown up around good food. My passions are food and marketing. I love the instant gratification of it – if people like what you cook then you know straight away.

The idea initially came about when I’d been at university, up late, wondering why someone didn’t go around halls with cakes and stuff.

Now they do

I then had to leave uni because a close member of my family was ill but the idea stayed with me even when at work.

I always wanted to combine business and food. One day I thought ‘fuck it’ and quit my job.

The roots

So, how did it all take off? The early days must have been tough?

You know what? We’ve been around since 2011 and it’s all a big fucking blur.

I don’t even know what I was thinking back then. I bought a big estate car and took orders out of my mum’s kitchen for two months. It was a fucking nightmare.

Demand for our products was so high that we moved to another kitchen and then our current location in Meanwood.

The popularity

Your social media presence is pretty massive – how have you become so popular?

I get social media. I put effort into getting the page around, but would never pay for advertising – it’s my page, my ramblings.

It’s all just one big marketing exercise. We act friendly not overly-professional. So, there’s a high interaction rate with our customers.

Without Facebook we wouldn’t be nearly as successful – we have people on our page from all over the world.

Food like this helps with popularity too

No one had delivered desserts before us. It’s a unique idea. People have copied the idea, but it’s not the same, they don’t do things like import American candy.

The cult following

What are your customers like? Any that stand out?

Red onion guy is one of my favourites.

He’s a good guy red onion guy. I’ve met him but I forgot to ask why he orders red onions. I don’t want to make him feel like a weirdo. We don’t even chop the onions for him.

I fucking love students. They’re a loyal customer base. They’re cool. They spend loadsa money.

The rumours

So, are you really going to be on ‘Come Dine With Me’?

Yeah, I’ve been accepted onto it. Someone applied for me as a joke. But, I got through the interview and stuff.

I don’t know when shooting is but I know I can cook.

Contestants will be lapping up desserts like this

 The restaurant

You’re opening up a restaurant in what used to be Quilted Llama. Any details you can disclose?

I’m so excited to tear ‘Quilted Llama’ down and create an amazing fucked up union type thing.

We can’t say we’ll miss Quilted Llama as we’ve never been

It will be very student focused as it’s near Halo and the new library. It’ll open this September, from 12 in the afternoon till 3 in the morning, at first.

After 12 it won’t serve food, just drinks. Informal but with proper good cocktails. There’ll be a unique open plan layout too.

It’s not a restaurant, not a bar, it’s indescribable. It’ll be very chill, very cool.

And in time we want to open in the morning to serve a US style breakfast too. With proper pancakes.

I’ve been banned from Rosie’s Diner – they think I’m worried about them being competition. Couldn’t be less worried.

(The Tab asked about rumours of ‘bong water’ – a drink served in a bong, which tastes like weed. Sadly, we were left in the dark about this but it only served to make us extremely excited about what the restaurant’s launch party has in store…)

The future

Are there other plans for Get Baked world domination?

I can’t give too much away, but there’s opportunities in every major city.

In the next few months we’re opening a branch in Fallowfield in Manchester, which we’re very excited about.

We’ve already sold over 15,000 Get Baked T-shirts too, so from a clothing brand to drive thrus, the future for Get Baked is looking good!