Leeds puppy England squad need new homes

Missing Pet of the Week? Check out these Leeds puppies giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘WAG’.

This adorable team are really on the ball when it comes to looking to score new home.

These cute eight-week-old Collie pups have been named in honour of England’s footballing heroes – supporting our squad in this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

On the ball … The Collie puppies

Staff at Dogs Trust in Leeds have named their own teammates Frank Lampawd, Steven Gurrard, Phil Bones, Jordan Hounderson, Ross Barkley, Phil Wagielka, Jack Russell Wilshere and Spaniel Sturridge.

The football-loving canines were handed to the rehoming centre when their owner was no longer able to care for them.

Deputy manager Emma Cooper said the young wags love nothing better than playing football.

Ruff day?

Emma said: “They are incredibly playful and Collies are notorious for their energy and for playing with balls.

“We want people with a knowledge about the breed who can give them a loving home.”

She added: “They require a lot of attention so we are looking for someone with a lot of patience and time on their hands.”

Paws for thought … One of the puppies playing football

And Emma warned that some members of the canine team are perhaps a little more in love with the glorious game than others.

She said: “There was one of them that was pretty lazy the other day and just laid around the pitch when we tried to play football.

“Some of the puppies are better than others when it comes to football which is just really typical of the England squad.”