Eight signs that you’re approaching graduation

Whether you can’t wait to graduate or are filled with dread at the thought of not being a student anymore, here are eight signs that graduation is approaching.

1) One by one your friends are finding graduate jobs, whilst you slowly start to accept that you’ll be living off your parents for the foreseeable future.

Crying Fml animated GIF

2) You realise that there is nothing useful on your CV and start to wish that you’d taken your lecturers advice and actually done something useful during the last three years.

3) You get emotional about your ‘last’ everything. Even things like your last ever lecture, despite the fact that you’ve spent the last three years looking for excuses not to go to them.

4) You realise how much you’ve enjoyed only seeing your family during the holidays, and wonder how you’ll cope with living with them full time again.

5) You’re stocking up on clothes to make the most of your student discount before it is taken away from you.

6) You have to show some serious restraint to prevent yourself from punching anyone who asks the dreaded question: “What are your plans for after graduation?”

7) Long gone are the days of watching TV all day then going out drinking until 5am- after a long hard day of job applications, writing your dissertation and revising for exams you just want to go to sleep.

8) Finally…you wish, more than anything, that there was a way your workload could disappear but you could still remain a student.