The Tab meets owner of best hair on campus

Catching up with second year student Aaron, the hair to the BNOC throne.

After some hair-larious pictures emerged on social media last week, many on campus were keen to meet the owner of best barnet in Leeds.

Luckily, the Tab’s campaign to track him down was successful and we had a catch up with Aaron Passley, the man behind the hair.

A cut above the rest: Aaron became a campus sensation

First thing’s first. Why?
I saw some creative photos on the internet and they inspired me to have some fun with my hair!

Who was responsible for the masterpiece?
My arty friend Tessa did it. It’s definitely not professional and won’t be maintained haha.

Has the attention been flattering or freaky?
Both! People always want photos with me, especially in clubs. It’s funny but the novelty is definitely wearing off.

Has the hair gone down well with the ladies?
Haha, I’ve had some attention. It’s a great ice breaker.

Little known fact: the do is called ‘Juan Pablo’ – a Mexican name to suit the shades and tache

Now back to you – tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a second year student studying philosophy and psychology.

When not doing interviews and being harassed by adoring fans what do you get up to?
Not much! I laze around with my housemates and listen to music mostly.

So, where would your fans be able to find you?
Level 12, Eddy B at the moment. Either that, or Mixtape at Hifi.

Do you feel like a BNOC?
No. No. No. I can tell I’m not because of what happens when I walk around with a hat on!

Last but not least, is The Tab the best thing since sliced bread?
I’d have to say so. No two ways about it.

And with that, the cheeky chappy takes off his top in the middle of campus and dons a Tab T-shirt to show his dedication towards us.

Juan Pablo, we salute you