Student pranked into believing she was singing on Radio 1

LUU exec candidate thought she was singing live on Radio One, but it turned out to be a prank by LSR

It’s everyone’s dream to get on the radio, and that became a reality last week for one Leeds student after George Bradley’s campaign tune got played on the Scott Mills show

But while a candidate running to be the Union Activities Officer believed she was going to be featured on Radio 1 in a follow up, she was actually the victim of a prank by LSR.

New Activities Officer Fiona Metcalfe was tricked into singing her campaign song acapella, believing she was going to enter a live rap battle with George Bradley.

Student DJ James Hanson pretended to be Chris Sawyer from BBC Radio 1. You can check out the sound clip here.

George Bradley’s campaign song was played on Radio 1 twice last week

But Leeds Student Radio presenter James Hanson burst her bubble after revealing the stand off would not be happening.

Fiona said: “Oh no that’s really sad . I told my Mum and my Granny I’d be on the radio, that’s so mean!”

But it’s not all bad – Fiona won group two and made it to the final of our BNOC of the Year competition.