BNOC of the Year 2014: Group One

Vote now! We received your nominations by the bucket load and here’s the first four candidates for BNOC of the Year.

Who is the Biggest Name On Campus?

Sixteen candidates. Four rounds. But there can only be one winner.

Here are your first four nominees. You can vote at the bottom and the winner will go through to the final. 

James Munro

This bagpipe blowing Scotsman bagged second place in last year’s competition and has come back with a vengeance in 2014.

James is considered by many to be ‘Yorkshire’s Most Eligible Bachelor’, but can the rugby club captain take home the title of BNOC? 

Nathan Bell

This football fanatic made global headlines after stapling his balls (yes, you read that right) after losing a Fifa forfeit.

Nathan really put Leeds on the map after news of his injured manhood spread as far as Australia and Russia.

When not stapling parts of his body, Nathan can be found running a popular fitness and performance Youtube channel.

Freya Potter

The driving force behind Leeds Uni’s FemSoc, Freya slayed the Tequila beast last semester and launched the ‘I need feminism because…’ campaign in Leeds.

Freya is running for Union Equality and Diversity Officer this year, but can she win the election that really counts?

Bertie Berger

Interviewing drunk students week in week out for Tequila TV made Bertie Berger one of the most recognised faces on campus last year.

This socialite is also Sponsorship Sec of the hockey club and has bagged deals with Brotherhood, Flux and Balti King to name just a few, but will he be King of your vote?

VOTE NOW. The winner of Group One will be announced on Thursday.