Best election video 2014 gets played on BBC Radio 1

Scott Mills goes crazy for Leeds Union election tune

One student running to be in the Leeds Union Exec has raised the game, getting celebrity endorsement from Scott Mills.

This year’s election race has gone national after George for Community’s video was played on BBC Radio 1 this afternoon. You can listen here

While on air, Scott Mills said: “This is a guy from Leeds student Union called George running to be Community Officer.”

“His video’s extra special because of the twist that comes halfway through it – the song choice is very strong.”

Scott couldn’t contain his excitement during the campaign video, yelling “So good!” and “Come on  George!” throughout. He even started singing along halfway through.

Scott added: “We’re all blown away by the fact it’s Swagger Jagger. What happened next was just stunning, it blew my mind.”

He seemed to enjoy the switch to Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk in Love’  – shouting “Falsetto Ahoy!”

Scott ended with: “I really hope they vote for George. It just doesn’t get old.”

Check out the video below: