Leeds RAG hitches home from St. Andrews

Volunteers told to trek home in their pants from a random location for cancer research

A hardy band of Leeds Uni Students hitch-hiked back to Leeds from St. Andrews, all whilst sporting some fetching underpants.

With no money in their pockets, willing volunteers had twelve hours to get home from what had been a secret location, all in the name of cancer research.

01 Surprisingly upbeat for 2am

The challenge, a joint effort between Leeds Rag and The Association for International Cancer Research’s ‘Smartypants’ campaign, began at 2am when the travellers were blindfolded (with a pair of pants).

They were whisked to ‘Destination X’ – which turned out to be the beach in St. Andrews.

The party was divided into teams and the race back home began with a sprint to the car park to catch a lift with members of the charity.

Then teams hopped between towns and cities in the North of England and Scotland.

As they made the journey home, participants tried to fill their collection tins for cancer research, and attempted challenges like trying to get selfies with bus drivers and buskers.

Leeds RAG President Harry Ellison told The Tab: “St Andrews is the home of AICR itself so we were greeted by representatives of the charity, including the CEO Norman Barrett himself.

“He really hit home to the participants why we were there and got the participants riled up to fill their collection tins throughout the day.”

The victorious team made it back to Leeds in a pretty impressive 11 hours, while the team in last place took  a whole 36 hours to come home.