Put some clothes on, it’s not summer yet!

Leeds students have been digging out their summer dresses and shorts during the last couple of days of sunshine, yet it’s still far too cold for this says KERRY WILLIAMS

Temperatures are up to 10 degrees and the sun is shining over Leeds for once.

Yes it’s slightly warmer than it has been recently, and yes this is the nicest weather we can really expect here. But that does NOT mean that it’s shorts weather, stop deluding yourselves.

As I trek through Hyde Park towards uni, girls in mini skirts or denim shorts are everywhere. The men aren’t much better in their long shorts and ankle socks (Not a good look by the way guys!).

The fact is that although the sun is shining it’s actually quite cold, even in my jeans and coat. All of those girls with their legs out must be freezing, and I have to wonder why they put themselves through this.

You’ve even got goosebumps on your legs – we know because you Instagrammed it! #notsummeryet

On top of this, sunglasses are making appearances all over Leeds, just because there’s a hint of sun. It’s not blinding and you can certainly see just fine without sunglasses. Sunglasses are only excusable when you’re hungover!

Technically it’s not even spring yet – the Vernal Equinox isn’t for another week (March 20th). You’re wearing next to nothing in winter.

I love summer dresses and shorts but there’s a time and a place, and it’s not Leeds in March. They’ve still got the heating on in uni! People need to stop over reacting to a slight improvement in the weather.

The time for skimpy clothing will come, but right now you’ll just catch a cold.

Girls, if you must wear mini skirts and shorts, put some tights on until it gets a bit warmer. And Boys… put the shorts away for a couple of months!

That said, still try to enjoy the weather while you can, it’s all over next week…