8 types of people you’ll find at Fruity

From 4th year prowlers to students who actually care about the celebrity guest, here are 8 types of people you’ll find at our cheesiest union club night.

1. The 4th year prowler. Likely to be found preying on some freshers.


2. The over-keen theme follower. Most people will completely ignore the theme, but if you look hard enough you’ll find the one person who’s gone all out.

Likely to be found wearing a onesie or body paint.

3. The mine music snob. Found at the front of mine. They will not move from this prime spot all night.

4. The person who actually cares about the guest celebrity. Most people won’t even know who is making an appearance, but someone will be wetting their pants in excitement all week about meeting the TOWIE or Made in Chelsea star.

5. The person getting kicked out. Because there’s always a few…

6. The journeyer. Likely to be found wandering around the union because it’s just so much more exciting at night.

It’s also a bit of a maze down there.

7. The sleepy head. Found having a nap on the dance floor. They can even manage a standing up nap because they’re so skilled.

8. The edgy girl who was “forced” to go to Fruity by her friends who “dragged” her there. Yet she’s there every week until 3am.