The Psychology of Make Up

New semester, new you. But what does the way you do your make up say to others?

As students seeking a higher education, we thought we’d put an intellectual spin on looking at the world of fashion and beautyand look at the psychology of make up.

New semester, new you? Here’s what the make up psychologists (i.e. people who know the brainy stuff behind beauty) say you should be sporting to be taken seriously in 2014:


Good skin gives an overall sense of someone healthy, organised and generally on top of things. (Your seminar tutor need never know the truth!)

Creating a flawless base is key. Even if you’ve bopped to Space and back in the early hours, (the club – apologies all you astronauts) hiding any dark circles and imperfections can be done.

At this time of year go for coverage that matches your skin tone as closely as possible, by testing it on your jawline in natural light. In summer go up one shade – Full Moon Parties are calling out for glowing, tanned skin!


Used by surprisingly few women, subtlety is key. A hint of pink on the cheek psychologically suggests to people youth and a cheerful, positive personality.


Not only are long lashes a tool for bagging the guy that takes your fancy at Fruity, but they can also help get yourself taken seriously.

Leave the heavy eye liner and shadow for nights out and opt for a lengthening mascara to widen the eyes. Big eyes draw other peoples’ eyes to yours, making them pay attention to you. Simple.



Red lipstick is as controversial as Tequila’s marketing strategies.

Some say people find those who wear a bright lipstick more intimidating. But if that’s the vibe you’re going for this year and you want to stride fearlessly into 2014, wearing a red lip implies a strong, confident personality.

Wear with pride and expect attention!