Do’s and Dont’s of the female wardrobe when it comes to men…according to men

We asked 40 lads on campus what they love and hate to see women wearing. Here are the results.

We all know many guys’ response when you ask a guy what his ideal woman is wearing…”absolutely nothing!” Great originality guys..

But of course in reality there are clothes men love and hate on girls. We asked 40 lovely lads on campus what they do and don’t like to see women wearing and have given you the 5 most common answers to come out of our little survey, with some unsurprising and surprising results….

5 No-gos:

1) Jumpsuits, its a big no from Leeds, good Halloween costume idea to keep for next year though?

2) UGGS may be comfortable but makes legs look shorter than they are, never good

3) Ballet Pumps were described as reminding several boys of their mothers


4) High Waisted Jeans again the boys thought these were to quote “mumsy”

5) Too much make-up: the picture speaks for itself


5 that get a yes:

1) High heels, uncomfortable yes but leg lengthening, and this lady proves how you can fix a car in them….perhaps not so impractical after all?

2) Simple loose vests  fuss free and thought to be sexy,win!


3) Bodycon Skirts men do like curves, and in Leeds they want them to be showed off

4) Hoop Earrings the boys we asked were clear that they like them large rather than small, dont we all…

5) A Smile (awwww)


Next week we’ll be getting the Leeds ladies opinion on what men should and should not be wearing if they want the right kind of female attention!