10 things NOT to do on Halloween

Don’t be a Halloween creeper – check out our list of 10 things not to do tonight

As we all know, Halloween is on today and hopefully you’re all busy planning your costumes and buying tickets. It’s sure to be a fun night and to make sure you have the best Halloween possible, here’s The Tab’s top ten tips things not to do.

1. Dress up as a cat. Or a bunny rabbit. Or a mouse. Just don’t.

"I'm a mouse...Duh"

“I’m a mouse…Duh”


2. Get with someone wearing body paint. Unless you also want to wear that body paint.


This will come off right?

3. Go home with someone. It may seem like a good idea now but you WILL regret it the next day when you’re doing the walk of shame still dressed as a zombie.


The walk up Brudenell Road has never felt so long

4. Put your pet in a costume. You may think that your cat makes a cute Hello Kitty but she doesn’t. Trust me.


Not a new leash of life

5. Stay in. Staying in on Halloween is boring. Don’t be boring.


You can catch up on Made in Chelsea another night

6. Egg your exs house. Yes it’s Halloween but that’s still no excuse.


Trick or treat? You must be yoking!

7. Use Halloween as an excuse to go out wearing as little as possible. Even though it’s Halloween you’ll still look like a whore. Plus it’s October and it’s Leeds. It’s cold.


A hare-raising outfit

8. Go to a party without checking what other people are wearing- you don’t want to go all out with your “ex-wife” costume when everyone else has just thrown on a pair of animal ears.

"I'm an ex-wife"

“I’m an ex-wife”

9. That said, don’t make no effort whatsoever. Get into the spirit of Halloween.


Ironic t-shirts were never cool

10. Misbehave just because you’re wearing a mask. The photos will be on Facebook so everyone will still know it’s you.


“It wasn’t me”