Student locked in Union cell

The poor lad was just hunting for the Music Library…

He was an innocent music fan, searching the labyrinth that is Leeds University Union for the Music Library.

So imagine the horror for Oli Purnell when he took a wrong turn and found himself trapped alone inside a union room for over three hours.

The second year medical science student told The Tab how he ended up in “what can only be described as an open-roofed cell” while searching for the Music Library at the very top of the Union.

Oli and his open-roofed cell. He couldn’t bear to pose for long.

As Oli entered what looked like the right room, the situation took a turn for the worse when the door closed and the latch self-locked from the other side.

Oli said: “This left me with a three hour imprisonment, countless cigarettes and some time to contemplate in the rain.”

The cell is open to the elements

After three hours, Oli was heroically rescued by one of the more attentive university cleaners and released from his cramped cell.

The Tab wonders why the university is storing cages inside the Union. Perhaps they were harbouring some kind of mythical beast for our lost Theseus to slay.

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