The Tab Meets: Harry Potter Society

JACK CUMMINGS catches up with Leeds’s wannabe witches and wizards


A thriving Harry Potter society within Leeds conjures images of students running around in wizard hats, wishing that the University could be transformed into Hogwarts.

Playing to their strengths

Such a reservation was only heightened by an invite to the curiously named ‘Potions and Pizza’ night. Luckily such thoughts of elaborate costumes and spellbooks were pushed aside when entering their base at Revolution Call Lane. Instead were a selection of the very welcoming Quidditch and Harry Potter Society, which is made up of an impressive 213 members, ranging from Freshers to MA students with a healthy dose of Erasmus enthusiasts studying from abroad.

At a glance, there appears to be an interesting divide within the society, with all members competing to gain points for their collective houses.

Anyone who read Harry Potter might remember the four houses of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The keener among you may even recall Pottermore, which launched last year and included what was billed to be the most accurate sorting quiz to date. This is the method that the Harry Potter Society chooses to indicate the allegiance of their members, of which they seem immensely proud. Much like in the novels, house points are allocated for various activities and seem to strengthen the bonds between members.

A selection of Hufflepuffs

Another major aspect of the society is the game of Quidditch, a fictional sport from the Harry Potter franchise which has gained popularity in recent years. According to one member, Sam (a Hufflepuff): ‘Quidditch is a very physical and fun sport unlike any other because we have to carry broomsticks’. This certainly makes the sport interesting as a spectator and you might get a chance to catch this unusual game when the aptly named Leeds Griffins play their first competitive match against Leicester Lovegoods on the 17th November. Forget Varsity, the big event to watch for is when the Griffins play their local rivals the Hyde Park Hippogriffs.

The night itself became more interesting when the ‘potions’ were mixed. These cocktails are specially created by Revolution, who also give society membership card holders a staggering 50% off drinks at socials. Members could experience such treats as ‘The Bloody Hell’, the ‘Lumos-Nox’ and of course ‘Butterbeer’, which were thankfully perfectly mixed by the experts.

In the words of their President, Jenny Levitt: the Quidditch and Harry Potter Society is ‘a great way to make new friends and meet like-minded people’. Going by the friendly and hospitable atmosphere received at their ‘Potions and Pizza’ night, this certainly seems to be the case.