Fit Varsity winner revealed

Students of Leeds: the votes have been counted and a winner has emerged


Not since Tony Blair took power in 1997 has a vote mattered more to the people of Britain. Today The Tab reveals the winner in the hotly contested Fit Varsity.

We can announce that the Uni’s Will ‘Magpie’ Magie is officially the buffest Varsity guy. Those chiseled features were enough to take the title and his victory ensures the Uni has emerged triumphant in both the rugby and looks contests.

Magie took 53% of the vote to defeat Met’s Elliot Quirk by the slimmest of margins. Quirk’s 47% is nothing to be sniffed at and The Tab salutes this plucky first year loser.

The victorious Magie said: “This is yet another win for the best uni in Leeds.”

Over 750 of you judgmental Varsity fans voted. As a special treat, here’s Will Magie’s head on the Fit Varsity trophy.

And as an extra treat, here’s a video of Elliot Quirk doing a funny dance.



The results in full