Mr. 9% finally gets in touch with The Tab


Yesterday The Tab announced the damning news about the Union gagging their own media outlets from reporting the truth about tens of thousands of pounds going unaccounted for in the Union.

Not only did they prevent the societies they fund from being allowed to divulge any relevant details about the scandal, but they refused to provide The Tab (and by extension the students) with any comment on the affair

Radio silence has been broken and our mate – Antony ‘Bant’ Haddley – has finally felt pressured enough to get in touch.

A proud Antony (right) lifts the ‘Banter of the year’ trophy

He told The Tab that ‘Nothing’ was up with the Union’s (and therefore the Students’) money, despite the police launching a full investigation into the matters.

UPDATE: in a later message Antony misunderstood our question, and rightly stated that it was a serious matter (though still no facts…)

Bantony also hinted that the reason why the Union refused to let The Tab know anything regarding the Union affairs was because we’re not a credible source.

We’d love to know how Ant defines credibility.

Not only are Leeds Student gagged by the Union he represents, but the number of hits The Tab got yesterday far exceeded the number of votes Bantony got in the LUU elections. What credibility does that give him?

The Tab is only concerned for its readers, and this is a serious affair involving a serious amount of students’ money. Not only are we shocked with the Union gagging their own paper, but disappointed with how unprofessionally they’ve dealt with The Tab.

So while Mr. 9% (the proportion of Leeds students who voted for him) complains about our credibility, we claim that Ant and the organisation he stands for have none.