Hull lecturer apologises for using the ‘n-word’ during lecture

One student said: “It is too early for Rafi to use the n-word bloody hell”

A Law and Politics Lecturer has apologised after using the "n-word" in a lecture.

In a recording obtained by The Tab Hull, Cohen-Almagor, referred to as "Rafi" by students, can be heard saying the word to the immediate shock of students in the lecture.

Whilst telling students about Jessie Jackson, the ex-Democratic Presidential Candidate, who in 1984 was caught referring to Jews as "Hymies", he said: "Now ‘Hymie’ is a derogatory word for Jews, it’s like n*****s for black people.”

The shock of hearing the word uncensored prompted immediate reaction from students in the lecture. In Facebook messages seen by the Tab Hull, one student wrote: “It is too early for Rafi to use the n-word bloody hell”.

Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor, who is a Chair in Politics, Reach out Director and Director of the Middle East Study Group, used the offensive word during a lecture about ethical dilemmas journalists face (covering concepts like "on and off the record") without any censoring.

When asked for a comment, Professor Cohen-Almagor told The Hull Tab: "I am sorry if I offended anyone in my lecture. In the context where the 'n-word' was expressed, it meant to clarify and to elucidate. It certainly did not mean to offend."

A spokesperson for the University of Hull said: "We apologise that this has happened. It was certainly not our intention to cause offence. The terms were used to illustrate a particular point in an academic discussion.

"The University encourages the thoughtful use of language and we will work with colleagues to ensure we can deliver course material in an academic tone that encourages critical thinking and debate but does not cause offence to students."