Top Tips for Renting in Glasgow

Are you new to renting a student flat in the West End of Glasgow?

So, you’re trying to find a flat to rent, or maybe you have and you don’t really know what’s in store? No fear, The Tab Glasgow is here to help you!

Reputable landlord/estate agent

If you’re still trying to find a flat try asking people that are older or go on flatshare websites to find landlords and estate agents who won’t take advantage of the fact that you are a student. Some friends might even have contact details from a landlord they previously had!

Which areas are best

If you are looking for a flat near Glasgow University there are many safe and affordable areas for students to rent a flat. If you’re a bit of a wannabe BNOC and are looking for a quick walk to campus and HIVE then getting a flat around Bank Street, Gibson Street and the infamous Kersland and Cecil Street are the places to be. These streets tend to be noisy so if you like a guaranteed quiet nights sleep then I would stay away from these areas.
A quieter area is Kelvinbridge. This area is close to Kelvingrove Park, usually quieter and is also still a short walk to uni. Hyndland and Dowanhill are also other really nice areas but they do require a slightly longer journey to campus.
Moreover, Kelvinhaugh and Finnieston are common areas for students to rent flats. Kelvinhaugh is closer to university campus and you may have a nice wander through Kelvingrove Park in the morning to get to classes. It is relatively quick to walk into the city centre (around thirty minutes) or there are bus links. The subway is quite far away however. These areas mentioned are relatively well priced between £450 and £575 a month (not including bills). I would personally avoid Maryhill… It is out of the way and despite being cheap and a big Tesco is in the area the walk to campus is around thirty minutes and the crime rate is quite high.

PRT (private rental agreements)
When you find a flat and sign the rental agreement it can be so tempting to just sign the line. But stop… read the small print first. They can be filled with loop holes so even take a parent/guardian with you so they even know what to look for.

In your student accommodation you paid £x and that covered all bills. Now you need to sort yourself out… Firstly, you do NOT need to pay council tax or water if you are a student. The only bills you need to sort and pay for are gas (if you use gas), electricity and WiFi.

Finding companies for gas, electricity and WiFi
There are a variety of companies you can use and some are better in certain areas than others. Asking friends and your landlord can help you make the right decision. I recommend ‘Bulb’ for your gas and electricity as it is eco-friendly and affordable.

You want to stop the rental agreement
Most adverts for flats ask whether you want to stay short or long term… but what about COVID? What if there’s another lockdown and you want to go home and stop the rent – can you do that?

Well you can. Scottish tenancy rules state that you can leave the tenancy early but you need to give at least 28 days notice. It is easier if all flatmates want to end the tenancy but if not be sure to read up on the rules (the SRC give extremely good advice) or ask your landlord.

If you ever need anymore advice then please check out the SRC’s website: