What where you live in the West End says about you

If you’re not a first year and live near Murano you need to let it go x

Deciding which area of Glasgow will be your stomping ground is a tricky task. There is no denying that each area in Glasgow’s West End has it’s own unique and diverse culture, from the Indie kids of Finnieston to the BNOC wannabes from Byres Road. Knowing what the West End area you live in says about you is a basic necessity in finding your place at University of Glasgow.

Byres Road

 Credit – Via Instagram @urban__photographer_glasgow

If you live on Byres Road you’re most definitely being ripped off by your landlords. You’re probably part of a GUSA team and use that to justify staying so close to Uni. You pronounce Pret a Manger with a French accent and correct others when they don’t. You know all the regulars at Beer Bar and you’re probably a bit of a sweat when it comes to Uni work.  A BNOC wannabe for sure.

Supermarket of choice: Waitrose

Favourite Night Out: Beer Bar

Drink of Choice: G&T


The happy medium between town and Uni. You’re a good mixture of classy and trashy, and you’re not to into the Uni social life but still involved enough to be a main character. You’re probably quite basic but you definitely embrace it. You can have a good night out anywhere and probably host pres.

Supermarket of Choice: Tesco

Favourite Night Out: Bamboo, Garage or HIVE (you’re very adaptable)

Drink of Choice: Echo Falls and Sourz Shots


Credit – Via Instagram @lorinda.c.f

The posher side of the west end. Your parents probably help pay your pricey rent but you keep that on the down-low so to appear just like everyone else – even though all your friends are all the same. The real joy of a night out for our Finnieston friends is the afters. Here they are surrounded by fellow Mac Demarco appreciators. Tote bags and beanies are your staple outfit. 

Supermarket of Choice: Tesco

Favourite Night Out: Buff Club

Drink of Choice: Tennants

Bank Street

Credit – Via Instagram @landlordsntennents

If you live here then you are really involved with Glasgow University. You’re either in a sports team or on the GUU committee, and you go to Hive every week. You chose to live here because of how close it is to the union and Uni, which you you attend regularly because you’re secretly a sweat, even if you try to hide it. You’re probably a BNOC and go to lectures wearing GUSA merch.

Supermarket of Choice: Co-op

Favourite Night Out: Bank Street Bar followed by Hive

Drink of Choice: Pint of Fun

Great Western Road

Credit – Via Instagram @blogofbert

The home of Loop and Scoop and centre of the bustling West End. Great Western Road is the default area for those who aimed for a Byres Road or Bank Street flat. You’re a good mixture of basic and boujee. You probably host pres and sometimes even an afters – you’re just here for a good time! You definitely think you’re the main character but sorry to say, you’re probably more of a sidekick.

Supermarket of Choice: Co-op

Favourite Night Out: Inn Deep

Drink of Choice: IPA or Pint of Fun


You’re a Murano loyal and just can’t let that big Tesco’s go. You laugh in the face at those paying the big bucks to stay on the doorstep of Uni. You’ve probably came to Uni for a good time and you know you won’t be spending a lot of time on campus so why bother paying for a flat nearby right? However, deep down you know you regret your living arrangements when you have to go a full-on hike to get some milk – leg day is everyday.  80-90% of your diet is pasta and your probably nocturnal at this point. You can take the girl out of Murano but you can’t take the Murano out of the girl.

Supermarket of choice: Lidl or Big Tesco’s

Favourite Night Out: Murano Flat Parties

Drink of choice: Lidl’s own booze

Choose your street wisely x

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