Here is a round up of the best Glasgow dissertation hand-in pics during lockdown

Got a degree in photoshop, wbu?

Here at Glasgow, if you didn’t get an iconic dissertation cloister picture – did you even go to Glasgow Uni? However, due to lockdown, the majority of leavers have been robbed of that one dissertation photo they’ve dreamed of since they got their place confirmed all those years ago.

But not all hope is lost. In the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty, some of Glasgow’s finest students have put their photoshop skills to the test and produced some absolute bangers. Prepare to be well and truly impressed…because these dissertation photos are something else.

Literally, how can you call this fake??? (@wenyinggggg) 

I am shooketh. (@mhairi_k) 

Diss ain’t no joke. (@catthornton_97) 

Let’s get a group pic!! (@morvenkgraham) 

I mean…fair enough? You got your one exercise per day! (@florabanderson) 

Some people still managed to look like supermodels…

All for the gram… (@louisemccourt) 

Realistically though, your dissertation is just a pile of paper that will get you a degree whilst also adding to the degradation of the planet. But the Instagram pic is worth it in the end.