You won’t be able to get into HIVE next year without a GUU membership

Imagine not being able to go to Thursday HIVE

The Glasgow University Union announced today that starting the week after Freshers’ 2020, you can only attend Hive on Thursdays or Saturdays if you have a GUU membership card.

This was done in an effort to increase membership numbers to the union and stop Hive nights constantly reaching the capacity limit. A GUU membership is free every year for all students and would normally give you a discount on entry. They change the colour of the card every year so you can’t get away with using last years one! We spoke to a GUU Board member who said “We’ve been thinking of doing this for some time as a way to encourage people to get their membership cards and last year the number of sign ups we had was it’s lowest so we knew we needed to take action.”

As a result, this means that you can no longer sign in your pals if they don’t go to Glasgow Uni. What’s more, if you forget your membership card on the night and only bring your Student ID, you will be denied access. That’s right. Even if you’re on the guest list.

We also reached out to students to see what they thought and Sophie from 3rd year said “I have never got a GUU card, just because I never get round to it and just get my pals to sign me in for HIVE, but next year I’ll definitely have to!”

So, will this new policy actually work and get more students to sign up for GUU membership? Of course. We all love Hive too much and can’t bear the thought of missing out on a Pint of Fun.

The Glasgow University Union have been contacted for comment. Stay tuned.


Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!