It’s official: This is the fittest girl at Glasgow Uni right now

Thousands of you voted

You’ve been voting for the past few weeks and we have finally whittled it down to one clear winner – so here she is!

Say hello to the newly crowned Bachelorette at Glasgow University 2020: Marianne!

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Marianne is a fourth-year Pharmacology student whose favourite club is GURFC (classic) and who described her guilty pleasure is IDing customers she fancies at work to find out their name. Fair.

She won with 26.43% of the vote, beating the runner-up Lisa by over 50 votes!

Please comment on how you feel about your victory. 

  • Thank you to all who voted for me! Honoured, I can graduate feeling like I’ve finally accomplished something in my 4 years at uni!

How do you plan to celebrate?

  • I’m off to apply for Love Island x

Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s Most Eligible Bachelorette 2020! See you next year x