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Glasgow School of Art to be rebuilt – again

The GSA to rebuild irreplaceable building

The Mackintosh Building in Glasgow School of Art, a place of education and talent, burnt down for its second time in June. However, it is going to be rebuilt.

The damage of the second fire was more devastating than the first, both emotionally and physically.

We spoke to a previous student, Natalia Poniatowska who was graduating on the day of the fire, she said: "My year group is what I call 'framed in a fire' – we started few months after the first fire and we graduated on the day of the second fire".

The devastation the students and staff felt is incomprehensible, so to have the building back once more is something many people are excited about.

It has not been confirmed exactly when the rebuilding will start again, or how much it will cost, as no one fully knows the extent of the damage yet. However the fact that the building will be rebuilt is good news for everyone. Students have had to make do, which has been proven to be difficult. According to Zoe Muir, a student at GSA, "…students currently having no library use and to make-do in a rented office building with WiFi that doesn’t even work!"

The Mackintosh Building is a source of pride and history in Glasgow, and the plans to rebuild have been met with support and praise.