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We’ve discovered the best cocktails in Glasgow’s West End

It was tough, but we tried every tipple in town for you

After a long and stressful day of procrastination at the library, you've been driven to mid week drinking again – shock. Whether you're after a chilled night with the girls or debating where to take your next Tinder date, we hope this comprehensive list will be the answer to all your prayers.

Judged on taste, price, and boomerang-ability, we've done all the leg work so you don't have to.

Bank Street Bar and Kitchen

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With a brand new cocktail list being released this weekend, our team were delighted to sample a few. They've got all the classics plus a few unique concoctions we're sure you won't have tried before, if you feel like mixing things up. Literally, they have a whole section dedicated to cocktails you can mix with prosecco.

Our personal favourites were the Drumstick, the Flaming Pornstar Martini and the raspberry and white chocolate Russian. At a very reasonable £5, these babies will set you up to head next door for your weekly dose of Hive. Catch them this Saturday at their Friends themed quiz and launch night for your chance to win some free cocktails!

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Do it for the lolly

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The best espresso martini in the West End

The Parlour

With a varied and affordable menu on offer, The Parlour on Vinicombe street is your next best bet for some colourful cocktaily goodness.

Cheap drinks are on offer throughout the week and they always have boardgames and popcorn. They do a fantastic marshmallow white Russian and you can also get slushies in changing flavours.

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Vodka Wodka

A classic student haunt, we've all graced the floors of Vodka Wodka at some point in our humble uni lives. Their speciality is a Kamikaze, best shared between two or three when you're necking drinks at the Netball pub golf social. We also liked the Jolly Rancher, and again during the week they're all cheap as chips with most being just over £3!

Grosvenor Cafe

Conveniently located on Ashton Lane, this bar has a great range of tasty cocktails on offer. Our favourite was the lychee flavoured martini, pictured on the right below. It's gorgeous inside with cosy booths, pretty lights and lots of fit bartenders. Warning, people go dressy on the weekends and it's usually rammed.

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Hi there xxx

Hillhead bookclub

This place is a favourite for all, with £3 gin and vodka strawberry mojitos on demand. Call in anytime day or night for a nice relaxed vibe and a catch up cocktail. They host loads of cool events too, such as monthly Ladyballs bingo which is not to be missed.


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Although a bit more expensive, BeGin on Byres Road is the place for sophisticated artisan cocktails. Next time your mum's visiting, be sure to take her here to try one of their many fancy gin concoctions. 10/10 for Instagrammability and also some more hot bartenders. You're welcome xxx