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Meet the models of this year’s Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show

They’re gorgeous, charitable and most of them are single


We've been hearing whispers all over campus from the corridors to the cloisters. We've all been waiting patiently and now here they are – the models of the 2018 Glasgow Uni Charity Fashion Show.

The Tab spoke to this gorgeous bunch to find out all their secrets, stresses and guilty pleasures.

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Name: Tom Smits, 4th year History

Nationality: Dutch

Modelled before: Yes, for some car adverts in Thailand

Single? Type? Yes, any man with a pulse.

Weirdest food you like: Nutella and cheese

Favourite Glasgow club: Has to be Hive

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Name: Niall Kelly, MsC Sports Science after finishing Physiotherapy

Nationality: Irish

Modelled before: Model virgin but used to work for Hollister

Why did you apply? Tom made me and I got approached a few times in Freshers' Week

Single? Type? Yes, preferably someone with 10 fingers

Favourite Glasgow club: I prefer bars, I actually don't drink

Random fact? I'm on Ed Sheeran's Instagram!

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Name: Priya Gill, 2nd year Law

From: Glasgow

Modelled before: Yes for Indian fashion shows

What are you excited for? The actual show and making new friends

Single? Type? Yes, tall dark and handsome please

Favourite glasgow club: Kokomo

Random fact: I've got a samosa obsession and I've touched Drake's hand

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Name: Patricia Taylor Stirling, diploma 5th year Law

Modelled before? For colours agency since I was 14, I do loads of the Halloween wigs in Glasgow

Why did you apply? The charity aspect, I did my undergrad at Caley so I've heard loads about the show and wanted to get involved! It's really professional I love it

Single? Type? Tall, makes me laugh! I'm deprived of attention haha

Weirdest food: Peanut butter, yoghurt and honey (together??)

Favourite Glasgow club: Subclub

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Name: Ruairidh Penrice, 3rd year Psychology

From: Vancouver, Canada

Modelled before: Yeah in Canada for Bethany Williams, this really out there clothes designer. I had to wear clothes made out of Tesco bags!

Single? Type? Ish and Spanish men.

Favourite Glasgow club: Buff club

Random fact: I let a random guy in Thailand give me a bamboo tattoo when I was drunk – he had three tear drops tattooed on his face!

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Name: Ignacio Diez (Nacho), 4th year PDE

From: Spain

Modelled before: Never

Why did you apply? I was scouted and my friends made me go to castings. I'm really excited for the whole thing now.

Singly? Type? No, just someone happy/friendly

Favourite Glasgow club: Hive

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Name: Grainne Duffy, 4th year Law with French

From: Glasgow

Modelled before? Yes for hats and Christmas adverts

Why did you apply? To meet people outside of my course

Single? Type? Yes, I don't really have a type though. I don't want to narrow down my options too much haha

Random fact: I was in a train that crashed into an escaped elephant in Africa! It was awful

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Name: Anna Cullinan, 1st year Vet Bioscience

From: Edinburgh

Modelled before? Never!

What are you excited for? Just for the actual night! I'm nervous about tripping though

Single? Type? Very much so, rugby player-ish

Weirdest food? Raclette from Switzerland

Favourite Glasgow club: Hive or Sanctuary

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Name: Micahela Kolmosova, 1st year Neuroscience

From: Slovakia

Modelled before: never

Why dd you apply? I wanted to be in a fashion show, I'm also really enjoying the volunteering and being an ambassador!

Single? Type? Yes, someone that makes me laugh

Weirdest food? Raw potato and baby food

Favourite Glasgow club: I actually haven't been to many yet but I'm keen to try

Random fact: I got an air rifle for my 8th birthday, I'm pretty good at it

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Name: Sarah Loughran, 4th year Politics

From: Glasgow

Modelled before? No

Why did you apply? For Glasgow Children's Hospital! And the whole thing is something new as I've never modelled before

Single? Type? Yes, smart tanned and caring.

Favourite Glasgow club: Viper or Hive!

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Name: Sam Holburn, 3rd year Sociology

From: Bath

Why did you apply: I loved the rush of being on stage for the first time, I can't wait to experience it again this year

Single? Type? I am single and I will be at the afterparty! I'll be the one cutting dirty shapes on the D-floor. I don't have a type though, beauty comes in many shapes and sizes

Favourite Glasgow club: I like Berkeley Suite and Subby, but nothing can compare to the Well!

Weirdest food: I eat a weird amount of cheese strings

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Name: Jodie Brogan, 2nd year Zoology

From: Edinburgh

Modelled before? Never, so this is pretty exciting!

Why did you apply? After a lot of my friends hassling me haha, and because it seemed like a really good thing to get involved in! I'm excited to see the results of all the fundraising.

Single? Type? Yes but I don't have a specific type, but certainly someone funny who doesn't take themselves too seriously. If they're taller that's nice! Must be a dog person as well (vital)

Favourite Glasgow club? Sanctuary Wednesday or Thursday Hive

Random fact: I can dislocate both shoulders and pop them back in – great party trick!

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Name: Michael Keegan, 2nd year Genetics

Modelled before? No, but I did the show last year. I found it really fun meeting so many people so decided to come back.

What are you looking forward to? The actual night, the afterparty was a good laugh last year!

Favourite Glasgow club? Hive

Weirdest food? Tinned fish

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Name: Kieran Will, 1st year Sports Science

From: Bangor, Northern Ireland

Modelled before? Nope

Why did you apply? I was involved in a lot of charity work with my school back home, and my mum's really involved as well. Hearing this years charity spurred me on to put myself forward!

What are you nervous about? I'm nervous I won't be up to scratch – I mean you should see the jaw lines on some of the lads here!

Single? Type? I am single haha and I don't want to say I have a type but I guess when you know, you know. I do like nice eyes though.

Favourite Glasgow club? It's hard to beat Hive but I had one of my best nights at the GUCFS launch at Sanctuary.

Weirdest food? Freezing grapes with cream eggs – would recommend!

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Name: Martyn MacDonald, 5th year Aero Engineering

From: Isle of Skye

Modelled before? I've done zero modelling before and I am absolutely terrified.

Why did you apply? I'm in 5th year and realised I'm entering the real world soon, thought I should spend the year doing something worthwhile. I used to live on Yorkhill Street where the Children's hospital used to be and saw events they hosted for the kids – it was really heartwarming.

Single? Type? I am single but don't think I have a type!

Favourite Glasgow club? Hive – I haven't left the West End since it happened.

Random fact: I have gathered over 300,000 plays between Spotify and Soundcloud.

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Name: Amber Garvie, 1st year English Literature

From: Aberdeen

Modelled before: No – so this should be interesting

Why did you apply? Because it's for a great cause and seems like a lot of fun! I'm excited to see how much we can raise for the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity.

Single? Type? Single ladyyy, hate to love a rugby player…

Favourite Glasgow club? Sanctuary but Hive is a close second

Weird food? Chilli popcorn is a thing and it's amazing.

Other models for the 2018 Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show are:

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Alayah Okhair, 2nd year Psychology

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Charlie Thompson, 4th year Biomedical Engineering

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Holly Hepburn, 4th year Sociology and Social Policy

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Jacob Leiser, 4th year Psychology

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Louise Roberts, 1st year Sociology

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Luke Wallwork, 3rd year History

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Sam Brewer, 3rd year Economics and Politics

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Sami Mustapha, 2nd year Economics

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Tallulah McCowan Hill, 2nd year IR with Spanish

This year, all proceeds from the Glasgow Uni charity fashion show are going to the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity. So far they have donated over £2000 and raised £1200 for their upcoming Jailbreak fundraiser. The show will take place at SWG3 Galvanisers on the 24th February 2018 and tickets will be released soon.

Photo credit: Susie Thomas photography