Murano Halls ‘music festival’ held in CENTRAL SERVICES due to torrential rain

Didn’t stop them from having a good time


Murano is notoriously the “party” halls of Glasgow, and this reputation has been cemented by the hosting of an exclusive on-site music festival last week.

The festival was the brainchild of four local musicians – Mashu Harada, Gabriel Nwosu-Hope, Alastair Tibbs and Vili Petkovic – and originally started as a joke.

Mashu, Alastair and Vili 

The initial plan was for the festival to take place in Ruchill Park, behind Murano. A generator had been rented, permission had been granted by the “Murano police”, and an email sent to the Council had been ignored.

They were ready, set up was underway, and then it started to rain. With no covers for the expensive equipment, and only a few hours to go, the boys found themselves with no venue. The Murano warden offered up the Distraction Zone, a communal space in the main building where the Murano team host events like ping pong and yoga. Perhaps not the most glamorous or rock’n’roll venue, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Quick crisis meeting

With less than two hours until kick off, everything had to be moved and re-setup and word had to be spread that the location had changed.

Gabriel messaged musician Mac DeMarco’s mum on facebook asking if it would be at all possible for him to headline the event. Unfortunately, he’s on tour and wasn’t available. Despite the sad news, word spread that Mac DeMarco had been asked to play, which only prompted the question, “Who the hell is playing, then?”


Performers included Alastair Tibbs himself, El Chico Kevin, Tom Cummings, Floss, Kicking Pigeons and Walt Disco.


Acts were asked their thoughts on cheddar cheese and what their favourite drug is and the answers were posted as hype on the online event. When asked what the cheddar cheese theme was about, Mashu said, “Can’t explain it, people have to feel it” – naturally.

Mashu, as part of Walt Disco

The show kicked off in the Distraction Zone on time and the crowds flocked with an estimated 200 people attending. Since the event was held in a university building, the curfew was 10pm and while this was unfortunate, everyone knows the best part of a night is the after party. And they had seven.

Each, in turn, was shut down. It was looking like the night might have to end until one reveller suggested everyone haul all the equipment back up the viewpoint at the top of Ruchill park and continue the party. No formal research has been conducted here, but it’s reckoned that it was the best afters any Murano student has ever been fortunate enough to attend.

Floss being uber iconic


When I spoke to Mashu, Alastair and Vili, I asked about the possibility of another festival in the future and they seemed optimistic as they were not deterred by the last minute disasters but instead encouraged by the help and support of so many of their friends.