Glaswegian weather: The ugly truth for a first time fresher

Umbrellas can’t save you now

Moving from Southern England to Glasgow, I knew there would be climate differences, and needless to say, England itself is no stranger to rain. We love it, it gives us something to talk about.

But when it does rain down South, it pails in comparison to the torrential downpour that is the Glasgow rain. Worst of all, you can’t even use a trusty umbrella to protect yourself.

As soon as you even step outside it rips apart the umbrella and turns it inside out mercilessly, leaving you holding the corpse of your once beloved protector. Invest in an umbrella that will laugh in the face of danger, a wind-proof iron-soul cocoon that will protect you from the elements – those are the real deal.

when will it end?

When will it end?

Perhaps a bigger problem than the rain is the hail. How do you protect yourself against ice bullets? In the end, there’s nothing left to do but embrace it. Embrace what the elements are throwing at you, and hope that you come out of it a stronger and more well-rounded person, enjoying the brief respite that you get from being inside.

But for some down South, the Glaswegian weather proves to be too daunting, and they choose to stay within their comfort zone, declining their place at Glasgow for the promise of warmer weather. For other brave souls, we ignore the warnings thrown at us that we won’t be able to cope, act like we don’t care when someone tells us you’ll never be truly warm again, and, armed with wellies, a (useless) umbrella and a rain jacket, we make our way north.

There’s no helping it. You’re just going to have to ask for a parka for Christmas.