Heroic fourth year medic rescues fresher after car crash

‘Without him there I would’ve been so terrified and alone’

A brave fourth year medic is being hailed as a hero after saving a fresher from a dangerous car crash.

Daniel McFadden was walking along Pollockshaw Road when Gemma Dawn Wilson, a first year criminologist from Stirling Uni, crashed her car last Friday night.

The knight in shining armour’s years of medical training kicked in and he helped her out of her smoking car and made sure she was safe.

Gemma told The Tab: “He opened my car door and I think one of the first things he said to me was he was a medical student and told me his name, so immediately that put me at a bit of ease.

stirling crash

Stirling fresher Gemma was saved by a Glasgow student after her car crash

“It didn’t make a difference he was a student, I was just glad he was able to help me.

“He was asking me questions like my name and where I was from but I’m assuming that was to distract me and keep me awake.

“I don’t really remember a lot to be honest but he said he could see smoke coming from my car and that was why he moved me.

“He picked me up and carried me across the road to a restaurant and asked them for blankets and a chair so I was comfortable .

“Once I was sitting I think he was asking me where my pain was to establish if I was seriously injured but then the emergency services arrived and took over.”

Although Daniel had told Gemma his name, she forgot it during the trauma of the accident.

Wanting to thank her rescuer properly, she contacted Glasgow Uni for help in finding her saviour.

The hashtag #UofGhero was used by the university Facebook account, until the heroic medic was identified as Daniel.


Glasgow medic Daniel McFadden was walking along when he witnessed the accident

Gemma was quick to thank Daniel for his support.

She said: “Without him there I would’ve been so terrified and I would’ve been left in my car alone waiting for emergency services which would’ve probably felt like a lifetime.

“His friend, who is also a student, was speaking to me when I was with the paramedics and went and got my mobile phone from my car so I could phone my boyfriend. They both stayed with me until he arrived so I didn’t feel alone.

“I hope having something in the paper and people giving him a bit of praise for it is enough of a thank you.”

As with any hero, Daniel has done his best to play down his part in helping Gemma, only saying he felt “a bit bashful”.

He added: “I’m not used to all this attention.”