You’re not actually broke if you go to festivals in Europe and spend your loan in Waitrose

Take your MacBook and piss off

Our lives are a far cry from the days of squalor lead by previous generations of students.

You need only turn your head round in the lecture hall to see MacBooks galore and estimate the amount blown on swanky gadgets outright.

But what are some of our favourite things students like to blow their money on, even when they are living on the breadline?

Electric Blanket

The all essential electric blanket will keep you warm through those cold Glaswegian winters.


Just don’t forget to turn it off when you leave the flat or you won’t be popular with your flatmates when the electricity bills come in.

Swanky Booze

Not a regular amongst students, especially when the staple is Biere D’Or or Frosty Jacks.

Or more likely both.

Unless you’ve found this absolute stonker of a deal down Partick way.


But we met some students who clubbed together for some expensive Rum, allowing themselves a glass a week.



Expensive Food

From snacks to mains who are the people who appear to be tucking in at the Fraser building more days than they can afford, and even getting more than just their free coffee when they visit the Byres Road Waitrose.


Check out you, mate.

Pasta Pesto is a thing of the past(a)!

Top Toiletries

Dem ones you get tons of at Christmas from relatives. Better than the £1 shite that burns your eyes.



Festival Tickets

At the extortionate prices of today, it is hard to understand why student numbers traveling to them are ever on the rise.

With festivals like Dekmantel and Dimensions taking place in Europe that’s the cost of travel too.


Rascal Clobber

Despite the fact that you’re wearing the same pair of socks six days in a row, some of you are still paying top dolla for your threadz.

Just check Wavey Garms to see what some of you are willing to pay for what you kop.



Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada


The Apple phone, the laptop, the watch, the house, the wife, the weans.

Wednesday, 1.30pm... Maybe its not so bad on a piss-take course

Wednesday, 1.30pm… Maybe its not so bad on a piss-take course

As long as it has the Apple on, you’ve got it.