The winning, the losing, and the regaining of Professor Green’s rider


After the Professor left all 10 of his fans vaguely disappointed last week, the QMU announced that they would be giving away his rider.

The prize winner would have to like and share the post, and then arrive at Qudos at 11 to hear their name announced.


Thank you to the two people who were named prior to me, who sadly couldn’t be there to collect it.

On winning the feeling of elation was so much I didn’t even care that they were playing Skrillex.

Qudos suddenly felt like Subclub.


The rider itself was great, mainly the bags of lemons and limes, and a jar of manuka honey.

We also won a bottle of Grey Goose, which made a difference from Glenn’s – the exciting vodka.


Along with that we got various other booze.

The only way this story got better was when, on my drunken walk home, I placed the heavy rider down outside a 24 hour shop.

I walked in to buy a sandwich, unnecessary having just won 4 bags of crisps.

When I awoke at 8 I ran around the flat looking for the rider, only to see a sandwich wrapper on the floor.

Recalling my walk home I pulled on my jeans and sprinted down the road only to discover the rider, untouched, lying outside the front of the shop.

Fortunately nobody had taken the limes, the grey goose not being pinched was an added bonus.

What a night.