Grow-vember, Hoe-vember, Slow-vember: What kind of month are you going to have in Exeter?

There’s something for everyone

Think Bonfire Night, fireworks, When Harry Met Sally, crumble, and mostly every single British person commenting on how early it’s getting dark – that’s right, it’s November. Whilst the traditional moustache November has taken over (as it should), I can’t help thinking about all the other kinds of (less hairy) Novembers you could have. TP Wednesday kind of girl? Someone who swears by the Law Library? The friend who’s adamant they’re not going out this month? See which kind of November best describes the month you think you’re in for:


Saying no to plans, on the grind, focused. No Law Library for you, it’s plus one all the way. Even when your mate manages to score those elusive TP Wednesday tickets, you turn them down. You’re basically ghosting Overheard at the moment. You’re actually making it to all your seminars and lectures, having done the reading and everything. Your only break is popping to Pret for a sanity-reviving coffee – probably an Americano just to remind everyone how serious you’re taking your studies.


Self care, meditating, all the homecooking and movie nights with your girls. Really, you’re just in for a wholesome time: you’ve realised that the most important thing in life is self-love and aren’t going to waste any time people pleasing – at least, not this month. You’ve probably already been pumpkin picking at Dart’s Farm, and go to the quay for Sunday lunch with your house every week, before coming home and having a candle lit bath, tenancy agreement and energy costs be damned. You’re up for a night out or two, probably a Cheesy Tuesday or TP Salsa Night, simply because they’re the ones you like the most – haters begone. It doesn’t matter if you stop meditating three days in and only actually make it to one yoga class, the intention’s there.


Plans? What plans? You’re up for everything and down for keeping it chill. A Monday night could see you at the library doing a late sesh, out for dinner with housemates, or burning the floor at Fever, who knows? Some days will be filled with studying, in The Sanctuary from 8am to 8pm, stopping for a cheeky campus lunch and catch up, whilst others are a write off: quay walks, bottomless brunches (followed by a rather tipsy seminar…) and a Cavern Indie night. Whatever plan gets suggested, you’ll be there, even if it’s Saturday Move.


Taking it slow, quite literally. It’s the season for hunkering down – I’m talking soup, crumble and deciding that you’re only going to go out once a week. You’re still seeing friends but are still actually doing all your work, and you haven’t had a VK in weeks. Your Insta highlights this month probably revolve around birthdays, pancake mornings, study dates and cosy nights in the house watching I’m a Celeb. Maybe you’ve found that elusive life-work balance that people talk about?


Need I say more? Whether it’s non-stop swiping on Tinder, flame-reacting to hot peoples’ stories when tipsy, or just on the pull in TP – no matter what, you’re up for a little slutty-ness. You may be a little behind on work, but it’s worth it for the stories you can regale in the library, basically you’re one step away from having your own reality show at this point. You’re still prioritising your friends and turning up campus at least twice a week, but there’s definitely a few Friday nights and mornings after you probably won’t be filling your mum in on during your weekly chats.


Maybe term one was a bit of a shock, be it your first ever term at uni or your last, September and October are never easy. Whether it was dissertation proposals, the price of MarketPlace’s meal deals, or the fact that you don’t quite get on with your housemates as well as you did in September of last year as you do now, it’s easy to feel a bit down. But not anymore: for some Reading Week was a break, for others it was a chance to catch up on work – for you it was a turning point. Be it emotionally, physically (#leatherjacketseason), or academically, you’re having a glow up, simply living at your happiest – it’s your month to shine, and not just because you’ll match the Christmas markets.


A time for each other: forget relationships, forget side tings, you’re here for the friendships. Library dates en masse (if you can find enough seats), co-ordinating a night out which you can actually all make, and taking turn to hype each other up when needed. Nothing bonds you quite like uni: between the TP Fridays, open mic nights at the Vic, arguments over bills and weekly shops, doing uni with your closest mates makes the £27 grand worth it (mostly), and this month, you’re not forgetting that.


Like a phoenix emerging from the ashes, you’re an Exeter girlie emerging from TP smoking area – vape in hand, ready to hit top top, there’s nothing stopping you from living your best life – at least on the outside. Overheard is probably flooded with your requests for TP tickets, Batty Bingo tickets, Invades, Varsity, tickets for society events you’re not even part of – you simply have to be at Wine Soc’s speed dating event – you’re the one who’s *still* down for any fancy dress opportunity, and throwing house parties despite the looming deadlines. You’re quite literally the life of the party this month, even if you’re having a little breakdown from time to time in the midst of hang-xiety – you know what they say, you have to have a breakdown before a breakthrough.

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