This is what socially distanced TP Wednesday was like, before lockdown 2.0 started

Clubbing takes a very different form in 2020

The country is back in lockdown, leaving Timepiece shuttered for the foreseeable. In case you haven’t had chance to get your TP fix, we went with social distancing to see what it was like.

When Timepiece was back open at last after the first lockdown, I of course had to find out what TP Wednesday under the ”new normal” was like.

I arrived at 8:15 to find the area almost deserted. Normally at 8:15 we’re still wolfing down the stomach-lining-lasagne, let alone drinking. By 9pm a small queue had built up but it was mostly freshers.

The layout was noticeably different: Downstairs new tables fill the dancefloor; upstairs was closed completely. At this time the iconic dancefloor would usually be filled with rugby boys and netball girls absolutely going for it. Instead small groups sat chatting at the tables. It was all strangely civilized.

Later in the evening the atmosphere became much livelier, with the confidence of half a dozen VKs.

However, with the absence of music, I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing from the atmosphere. Part of what made TP Wednesday so iconic was everyone singing along absolutely blitzed at 10pm. The drink deals had disappeared too, making the night even more likely to burn a hole in the wallet than usual.

A selection of food at Timepiece. Includes burgers and a pizza

The burger shack received a significant upgrade. A new menu had been introduced in collaboration with Pink Moon,  including pizzas and wings. I tried the cheeseburger. This too had a noticeable upgrade, and now includes a decadent melted cheese sauce. It tasted delicious, and at £3.95 for a burger gives serious competition to the established restaurants. The pizzas rivalled those at the Firehouse both on size and on taste; though at £14 each for anything more exciting than a margherita, the student loan takes a hit.

The Verdict: It may not be the Timepiece we all know and love, but it was a fun night out nonetheless. Those who wanted to shark on top-top will be sorely disappointed, but for those looking for a chilled night with friends it wasn’t a bad bet. At least you were safe from the stairs.

NB: The 10pm curfew, and subsequent second lockdown, were imposed after this article was written.

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