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Who is Ruby Granger? The Exeter fresher YouTuber with 283,000 subscribers

She does 15 hour study days

How much time would you say is too much time to be spending studying over Christmas? Well for Ruby Granger, who is currently a fresher studying Theology at Exeter, a "productive" day of studying lasts 15 hours.

Obviously – and she makes this plain early on – this isn't a regular day for Ruby (on regular days she does "about 12 hours"). But the long and short of it is she does more work than you.

Ruby is a YouTuber who specialises in "StudyTubing", a fairly recent trend which involves people essentially vlogging while they work. Most "StudyTubers" upload unedited two-hour sessions, seemingly with the aim of having the viewer study alongside them in real-time. Ruby's videos instead involve her recording herself over entire days on time-lapse for up to 15 hours at a time.

This necessitates some next level time management: In the clip below, she kicks off a philosophy essay at 6:40 in the morning.

Ruby's initial wave of videos features an assortment of Hermione Granger impressions, book reviews, and time-lapsed sessions of her tidying her room. She also offers suggestions as to what Hermione would do if she were bored, or ill, or how to be like Hermione in summer. If you haven't twigged it yet, Ruby's second name is not actually Granger.

The first video on Ruby's channel to amass over 150,000 views brings most of the above ideas together: In "How to Study Like Hermione Granger", she advises the viewer to "do more work than is expected of you". Her top performing videos run off a similar theme of morning routines, night routines, tours of her room, and tours of the inside of her schoolbag.

Insights into Ruby's routine reveal that she washes her face in a wash bowl, reads while she brushes her teeth, and eats Rice Krispees out of a mug. She occasionally writes with a feather quill as well – the Victorian vibes are quite apparent.

Ruby got 11 A*s at GCSE and A*AA at A Level, uploading her reaction to receiving the latter to YouTube (she's openly disappointed in her A in RS). As you might expect, she applied to Oxford, admitting that she had wanted to study English there from the age of 12 – she even filmed a tour of one of the rooms when she went to interview. Sadly for her, she didn't get in.

Since arriving at Exeter, Ruby has documented her first lecture (she always sits in the front row), her first home-cooked meal, and – most heart-wrenchingly of all – her first essay grade. She does not film a night out in Timepiece.

Don't let Ruby's seemingly wholesome exterior fool you though, she gets that bread. Behind the impossibly twee facade of candles and Harry Potter cosplay lies a veritable business empire: There's merch, sponsored shout outs to Lamy (and others), as well as free teas, lotions and other academic stuff sent to her with surprising frequency.

Her most recent upload, "How to Study over Christmas", encourages viewers to feel festive while they study and features tips such as keeping "a master 'To Do' list" at the ready while they work. She shows off an example – it's a big list.

Ruby is often seen looking fashionable in the Forum, but has yet to feature on Fashion in the Forum, nor has she been papped on the luminous floors of Fever, but we imagine that day will come soon enough.