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An Exeter second year traded his house keys for a half-smoked cigarette on a night out

He doesn’t even smoke

A second year Exeter student today posted on a Facebook group that he'd exchanged his house keys on a night out for a half-smoked cigarette.

With only a small bag on him containing his card and keys, the cash he could've spent on the half-smoked cig had already been used on VK, leaving him with his keys to trade with.

Jamie Blackburn, a second year Politics and Philosophy student, posted about the trade on "Overheard in Exeter". He told The Exeter Tab the event took place during an American Football social in the loos of Unit One.

Jamie told The Exeter Tab he had "no clue at all" as to the identity of his trading partner, he was "just some guy in the toilets."

When asked why he decided it was a good idea at the time, Jamie told us: "It was a funny moment – really didn’t think at all. I’d only brought out a small bag and only had my keys and card in it. I spent the rest of my cash on VK."

At the end of the night Jamie luckily found his housemates on the dance floor and headed back with them. He says that he was "a bit annoyed about the whole situation, but these things happen."

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The cigarette that Jamie traded his house keys for

Jamie added he even didn't smoke the cigarette because he had completely forgotten about it and that he doesn't even like smoking, only when he's "had a few to drink."

Jamie replaced his missing keys today, the fate of the cigarette remains unknown.