Surviving a vegan diet for a week

Worst week ever?

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You became more attentive at reading food labels

Having an absolute mad one in Sainsbury's.

You become the person that everyone hates loitering around the food aisles reading every single nutrition label and just generally getting in everyone's way. As a result it takes a lot longer to food shop and you end up hating yourself just a little bit.

There are absolutely loads of different kinds of plant based milks

Drink up your milk kids! Changing to plant-based milk is definitely the easiest switch to make.

For a student shopping at Marks & Spencer is a luxurious as it gets, with the exception perhaps of Waitrose, but their almond milk is far superior to the rest with a 2% almond ratio that just doesn't quit.

Vegan cheese isn't as horrendous as expected…but still not good

Tastes reminiscent of Dairylea cheese strips which you would disappointedly find in your lunchbox instead of Cheesestrings.

This cheese isn't awful but has a bit of a funky smell when opened and left in the fridge. It also has an artificial taste which would repulse any cheese connoisseur. At the end of the day cheese is absolute perfection and can't be replicated, pass the parmesan (parmigiano reggiano of course!) Cheese solves most of life's problems so not eating it for a week leaves you an emotional wreck.

Soya yoghurt is unsatisfactory

The best version of Alpro yoghurt I found but does not measure against Fage Greek yoghurt or Skyr.

The plain soya yoghurt is an absolute disgrace and the coconut and almond ones are just offensively bad really. However, the flavoured ones aren't too bad at all so buy these ones if you must!

Avocados are life savers

Extra points if you post the photo on Instragam.

Pretentious? Maybe, but if in doubt crush an avocado on a slice of bread and it's automatically vegan and fulfils the middle class white-girl stereotype at the same time. So versatile.

There are more vegan food and drink alternatives than you would think

Just not the same!!!

If you do not have the time to make vegan meals from scratch there are a few vegan ready meal alternatives that you can buy for a quick meal. Sainsbury's probably has the best range of vegan food but Marks & Spencer has now come out with its own range as well.

You have more energy

Definitely not induced by alcohol consumption.

You feel like you have more energy but it is probably because you are eating more carbohydrates.

Not all vegan food is healthy

Oreos contain no animal products so they are basically healthy right?

It's a commonly held misconception that vegan food is always healthy; there are plenty of confectionary products which are viewed as "junk food" which also happen to be vegan.

It is easier than you would think and your food bill is cheaper

You can't get more basic than beans on toast – which is vegan after all.

More products happen to be vegan than you would think and since veganism has taken off in public interest it is quite easy to buy vegan food now. Meat is also expensive, especially if it's free range and organic.

Overall, I really missed cheese and eggs, like too much, and am awful at taking photos of food – who knew? It is not a lifestyle choice that I could keep up personally. However, I will definitely make an effort to consume less animal products for environmental reasons. After all, there are so many alternative meat and dairy options to choose from it is not necessary to always consume animal products.