There’s another ‘Spotted’ page, and this time it’s about homophobia

They’re already solving sexism and racism – now a new Spotted page has homophobia in its sights

A mysterious new Facebook page has surfaced following the trend of exposing social issues amongst Exeter students.

The existing Spotted pages have stirred much debate with students and uni staff alike.

Spotted: Sexism at Exeter University has garnered over 2000 page likes on Facebook, and the Spotted: Racism at Exeter University page, created a few weeks later has almost 1000 likes.

Spotted: Homophobia at Exeter University has just over 300 page likes already.

Like its predecessors, the author of the page is unknown and simply says: “If you feel you’ve experienced or witnessed homophobia at the University of Exeter, message this page and your experience will be posted anonymously.”

An message sent in about academic work with homophobic undertones

Although up and running since November 17th, the page has only published its first two posts today; one concerning the slang use of “gay” as a derogatory term, and another one regarding homophobia in academia at the university.