Overheard: new term, same old

“I really do think willy is my favourite word” and other gems.

| UPDATED overheard

As Exeter slowly fills up again with the mass migration of the student population, here at The Tab we’ve been kept thoroughly entertained. It would seem that too much time at the library isn’t always that good for you, well if some of these are anything to judge by.

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Redhead on the phone: “Can you physically kiss yourself?” *you can almost hear the clonking occurring in her brain* “no, I don’t think you can..”


Guy in the queue at Market Place: “I’m not gonna take my receipt as I’m feeling badass today.”


Girl by the Union Rd crossroads: “I was sick way before we got to TP, it was even coming through my nose.”


Anon: “It wasn’t a mole! It was just melted chocolate!”


Overheard in the Library : “And then my granddad told me a ton of racist jokes! Some of them were quite good actually…”


Girls in Arena toilets

Girl One: “I think my shimmy might have scared him off.”

Girl Two: “Yeah, you do look like you’re having a fit when you do that…”


Blonde girl in the Law Library: “Is Lapland a real place?”


“I thought I had cancer because there was lump on my vagina but it turned out to be an ingrown hair.”


Lacrosse Lads in the Forum

Lad One: “I really do think willy is my favourite word.”

Lad Two: “It’s better than vagina. But fanny is also a contender.”


Anon: “If I was a black guy and I had a small penis I think I’d feel really inadequate.”


Guy in Costa who was actually wearing quite a nice cardigan: “I think I deserve to be on Spotted! I’m wearing my cardigan for gods sake.”


Two Girls chatting in Thornlea: “It’s really awkward cos I believe in Jesus… but I’m feeling really Hindu at the moment”