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Students takeover Gordon Aikman theatre for one week to ‘build communities of resistance’

They will hold the space to run a week of ‘education for liberation’ classes


Students have reclaimed the Gordon Aikman lecture theatre, with an aim to hold it for one week.

The takeover is happening in coordination with the launch of Planet Repairs Action Learning Education Revolution (PRALER) at SOAS University of London.

The group plan to hold open education sessions to “listen to indigenous voices and learn from local and international struggles”.

Via Instagram @ediyouthinresistance

Students announced their takeover in a social media post saying the University of Edinburgh should be a place for “active, critical education where we learn from other perspectives” but that Edinburgh is “a site of miseducation that reinforces imperialist domination.”

They go on to list what Edinburgh University is complicit in, which includes its “public declaration of support for the Royal Family”.

The students state that by reclaiming the building they will “construct a space where students, local grassroots organisers, and staff can come together” in order to build “communities of resistance” to stand against the “colonial capitalist and heterosexist institutions at the root of global oppression.”

The takeover is happening in tandem with Global Majority VS The UK Government which will provide students with the opportunities to “listen to the voices of indigenous activists – voices who the university consistently fails to platform.”

A spokesperson for The University of Edinburgh said, “We support the right of people to protest lawfully and peacefully and are working with the students to ensure their safety and provide for their basic needs. Senior colleagues are currently in dialogue with the students concerned.

“The University also has a duty to its entire community to keep any disruption to a minimum, and so we are working to relocate affected teaching and activities to other areas or delivery modes.”

Cover photo via @ediyouthinresistance

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