Edinburgh students tell us their unpopular Edi opinions

‘I still miss Pollock’s food’

We all have opinions about Edinburgh. Some are more controversial than others.

My controversial opinion is that as much as I love the library, there are so many better study spaces. Ones where you can actually drink and eat whilst not having to wear a mask in an overly hot space for six hours (I’m fully in favour of masks, just not a fan of overheating). I would share these spaces with you, but as exams loom it’s every student for themselves.

We wanted to know what your unpopular Edinburgh opinions were, so we asked over on our Instagram. And don’t worry, nobody will ever know that one of you thinks that “hummus is overrated”. I mean, I know who you are but other than that your secret is safe with me.

‘St. James quarter looks like a shit, not ice cream’

We’ve all thought it. We all know it. This is an unpopular opinion purely because we are all in denial. Although whilst I can understand the resemblance to the poop emoji, I think if your actual shit is looking like that then you should probably go and see a doctor.

‘Edinburgh has a real lack of good-looking boys’

Judged by the staggering amount of replies we get on Monday Matchmaking, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Having said that I would say 60 per cent of those submissions are about the tall, curly-haired mullet man. I’d say if you like boys with signet rings, boys that study law, or skater boys, then you’re sorted. And if not, crack out Tinder and set that radius to 100 miles.

‘I actually like Leith lol’

The only time I’ve ever been to Leith was to see the Royal Yacht Britannia (my dad was visiting me), and the shopping centre by the water made me feel a bit sad.

But I definitely think Leith is underrepresented, and it’s not like anyone at Edinburgh wouldn’t like Leith because the cost of rent is lower than other areas right…

‘This uni really is the most northern borough of London, and I hate it’

Overpriced coffee in vans – tick. Overpriced rent – tick. Brunch booked out four weeks in advance – tick.

Yep, looks like we never actually left London.

‘Marchmont is the worst area to live in’

But what about the sunset views, and that five minute walk to the library!

‘Uplands roast isn’t that good’

I’m 99 per cent sure the only reason people go here is that apparently almost all of the student population has a crush on one of the baristas.

‘JCMB is the best university building, I will not budge on this’

I have never heard of this building. I looked it up. I wish I could go back to when I didn’t have to know such a monstrosity existed.

‘English ppl should not be allowed in Edinburgh uni’

In that case, it is okay for us to just awkwardly stand outside like the smokers outside Pollock?

‘There is only one mosque kitchen’


‘Clubbing is so overrated’

100 per cent agree. What’s fun about getting tinnitus, getting sweaty and tired when I could be in bed with a pack of chocolate fingers and Gilmore Girls?

‘Reduction of online stuff is making the Covid situation in class so unsafe’

It’s a hard balance between making people feel like they’re getting their money’s worth, whilst keeping students and staff safe. Whilst for those that can be vaccinated it is usually okay, the university does need to remember there are some who cannot take the vaccines for health reasons, or those that are already immuno-compromised.

Perhaps a hybrid method of picking whether you go in person or online would work best?

‘The yahs treat the uni like a finishing school and treat Edinburgh like their playground’

They will 100 per cent go into consulting.

‘Civerinos pizza (especially when delivered) is highly overrated’

Every time I order Civs I am always disappointed, I should have learnt after the first time I ate it and it gave me the worst diarrhoea of my life.

‘Pollock isolation food is good’

Wasn’t the isolation food a piece of bread and an apple? I mean if that’s what you like, fair play.

‘Library cafe is a scam’

Be prepared to burn through all of your student loans for the month on one stale baguette.

‘Absolutely hate Big Cheese, it’s shit’

It’s like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

‘The Christmas market isn’t that great’

Another agree. It’s definitely getting worse every year, which is a shame because it has so much potential.

‘Aldi is better than Lidl’

One of them has superior baked goods, the other has the aisle of mystery goods. I prioritise baked goods, but for some, the appeal of the luck dip aisle is just too much to pass up on.

‘The Tab isn’t real journalism’

I mean one of our editors did just co-write a piece for The Times but pop off, I guess.

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