Gone but not forgotten: there will be no more Juju’s club nights

The Monday club night at Lulu was a key event for all Edi yahs and rahs

We come together today to mourn the death of our beloved Juju’s (September 2018 – March 2020). Once the life and soul of student nightlife to many, Lulu’s famous Monday night event has come to an end.

As most third and fourth years will know, Juju’s – the student night held on Mondays at Lulu’s on George Street – was a key event in the weekly social calendar, particularly for rahs and yahs on the scene.

Playing a mix of party anthems and RnB, Juju’s had a little something for everyone, as well as £5 tropical cocktails and £2 mixers to sugarcoat the fact you had to pay £7 to get in.

Popularised by the famous Pollock TV series , Juju’s was well known as a hotspot for Edinburgh’s favourite yahs, with iconic moments such as “after 1pm everyone’s down for a pull” (not quite sure that guy passed GCSE maths), and  “it’s nice to develop a rapport with your cleaners” featuring in the famous Facebook videos.

Shoutout to this interviewer – our generation’s next Louis Theroux

Any self-respecting ex-Pollock resident will fondly remember the Monday evening queues in the JMCC shop to buy a bottle of Glen’s vodka for a classic pantry pres before Juju’s. The ritual of a sunday evening hair wash and fake tan will, I’m sure, also be familiar to the ladies of Juju’s, who definitely outranked the males 2:1.

Interestingly, this is debatably not the first “death” of Juju’s; in early 2020 there was a key shift in student attendance on Monday evenings, which arguably changed in favour of fellow New Town club Garibaldi’s.

It was thought that the free entry and chance to smash a glass on the floor after a Gari’s special (very bad idea in a tiny club) was enough to sway customers away from Juju’s, as popular as it appeared to be originally. Perhaps covid simply aided in finally putting Juju’s to rest?

Lulu is now instead hosting a student night called Distrikt, which will continue on Monday evenings. Distrikt nights seem to have a slightly different vibe to Juju’s, with the music available being described as Garage, House and Grime.

While I’m sure many freshers are glad to see a student night at Lulu, the real question for ex-Juju’s attendees is, will it continue the iconic legacy that created a key part of Edi student culture, or will it flop?

Juju’s, Lulu, and Distrikt Monday did not respond to our requests for comment. 

Image credit: Juju’s

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