Edinburgh students react to the £400k cost of building the Scandi Bar

One response simply read ‘disgusting’

Yesterday it was revealed that the hugely unpopular Scandi Bar cost £416,361.60 to build, which averages out at just under £7k per day given that the building was only open for 61 days total.

In justifying the price point, Edinburgh Uni said that the cost included things like a toilet block, as well as security.

Even before the cost of the Scandi Bar was revealed, students were already annoyed that Edinburgh Uni had spent money on building the unpopular structure rather than putting it into refunds or the mental health services.

We asked students how they felt about the cost of the build over on our Instagram, and these responses show just how angry and betrayed Edinburgh students are feeling:

“Bitch…my tuition wtf”

“F*ck off that’s insane, and we still have to pay for printing?”

“Disappointed but not surprised”

“This uni is doing shit”

“Absolute piss take”

“£400,000 that could’ve gone on mental health services that are SO dire”

“How can they justify that but not even entertain a fee reduction? Disgusting!”

“A fairly typical shambles”

“£400,000 less to actually support students”

“Should have spent it on student counselling and Kings bus”

“Surely this is money laundering?!”

“Classic Edi Uni”

“Most luxurious toilet in Edi”

“An impressive poor choice. The biggest waste of space and money.”

“Absolutely ridiculous!!! Give us our money back!”

Captivating views 😍

“Could’ve given every student a tenner and it would’ve been a better use of the money”

“Imagine deciding that a blue box is a better investment than the wellbeing of your students lmao”

“An outrageous waste of money, should’ve invested it in student mental health services especially during a pandemic”

“As a Scandinavian, I am offended”

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