How to spend Valentine’s Day in lockdown: Singles edition

Just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had

Before it gained the reputation it has today, Valentine’s was regarded as an evil Pagan festival. So really that sums the whole day up pretty well. If you are looking for some things to do without a partner this Sunday, then look no further.

Pizza Express

If you’ve had enough of the singles life but have found no luck on dating apps, may I introduce Pizza Express? They introduced a service where you fill out a questionnaire on your favourite types of pizza and matched you to one of their other followers. And who said pizza doesn’t bring people together?


Use the 14th to catch up with your gal or guy pals. Whether you have a Jessica Biel style anti-Valentine Zoom or are watching a rom-com together it can be a great time to catch up. Valentines shouldn’t just be associated with romantic love and so make sure you tell your friends and family how much you love and appreciate them.


Chocolate eating

Whilst many of us may have exceeded our average chocolate eating habits this past year any excuse to consume more chocolate is always appreciated. Plus, it means you don’t have to share your chocolate with anyone else, an absolutely massive bonus. And if you are particularly savvy take full advantage of the sales on the 15th when all chocolate will go on sale!


Pamper yourself

The most important person to look good for is yourself and so have a self-care Sunday. Run yourself a nice hot bath, pour in some bubbles, pour yourself some bubbly, apply a facemask and put on Bridgerton for the first or fifth time. This semester has been tiring for everyone and at the end of the day the person you should love and make time for the most is yourself.


Spend some money on yourself

As we all know being in a relationship is not very wallet friendly. Between gifts, dinner and postage fees it can really start to add up. And with knowledge savour the fact that the money you might have spent on someone else you can now spend on yourself! Buy yourself a bouquet of roses, a new video game or whatever it is you’ve been wanting.

Listen to Adele

Missing your ex? Wish you were in a relationship? Eaten too much chocolate? Valentine’s is not a barrel of laughs for everyone. And so, if you aren’t feeling in the best of moods this Sunday, why not fully embrace the sadness? Nothing helps the tears start to flow like some Adele, and if you need some extra atmosphere why not throw a bucket of water in the window to simulate some rain? Just remember that all pain (even chocolate induced cramps) will eventually start to fade, and you’re doing amazing.

Just carry on

If we’re being honest, we all know deep down Valentine’s Day is a commercialized day constructed by businesses to fuel our consumerist world. And so, there isn’t really a reason for anyone to celebrate it and so if you just want to treat it as a completely normal Sunday, more power to you.

Post an Edifess


Tried all the above but are still feeling strong emotions about Valentine’s or those you used/want to associate with it? If you really have some strong opinions on Valentine’s, have a crush on your tutor, or are still pining over your ex and just cannot seem to process through your feelings, then there is nothing more cathartic than posting an Edifess.

Try Duolingo

If you really are craving those flirtatious moments just log onto Duolingo. We all know the things that owl makes you translate sometimes can be a bit sus. Cheeky!

A picture is worth a thousand words

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