What your taste in sport says about your taste in girls

You definitely don’t like cheerleaders for their personality, that’s for sure

Girls somehow become so much hotter when they’re in sports kit – it’s science. Your preference in which sport is the most attractive when they’re in kit says a lot about you as a person. So here’s a totally researched and non-stereotypical breakdown of what sports you’re into say about your taste in girls.

Hopefully the hockey girls like what I say about them because they’ll definitely hunt me down holding their hockey sticks like pitch forks if they don’t. 

1. Football

You’re a girl with a thing for girls. With bigger balls than a man could ever dream of having, your favourite position is her on the pitch.

Or if you’re male, you like a girl who is never going to shut up about being better at everything than you are. Who can blame her when it’s true?

2. Hockey/Lacrosse

You love a girl who loves the sesh almost as much as she loves her sport. She probably would rock up to training with a VK if she could. She’s that dedicated.

You like your girls like you like your Hinge profile: making sure people know that they’re competitive, confident and decisive. If you’re into hockey or lacrosse girls you love having your hands full. Hey, would doesn’t love some feistiness in their life?

3. Athletics/Gymnastics

To say you like a challenge would be an understatement because athletes and gymnasts have more determination in their left shin than you have in your entire body. They literally could run laps around you because they’re so fast –  how are you going to keep up with them?

Give it up now because no matter how good you are in bed you’ll never be as satisfying as finishing a race or doing a handstand to them.

4. Tennis

I do get it. Girls in tennis skirts are hot, I’ll give you that. I’m sure you also greatly enjoy the noises tennis players make when a ball comes anywhere near them (that was more of a euphemism than I planned). If you like tennis girls you like girls who are hands-on, cool and confident.

5. Cheerleading/dance

You like girls who are, let’s face it, a bit psycho. Their friends are probably just different fonts of them, so if you like one girl who cheerleads or dances, chances are you like every single girl who does.

They’re Instagram is probably covered in pics of them in some pretty impressive positions which you love since flexibility is a must for you. I don’t want to dwell on why that is. Can you get your head out of the gutter for more than three seconds? Thanks, would be appreciated.

6. Netball

You’re into girls who have their shit together because chances are you’re a bit of a mess. You like to have your life organised for you. Netball girls know exactly what they’re doing in every aspect of their lives because there is so much going on when they’re on the pitch.

They have a rep of being quite intimidating, so you’re most likely into girls who fit the ‘mean girl’ trope, but are actually nice once you get to know them.

7. Swimming/surfing

You need a girl with stamina and a lone wolf vibe. Girls who swim love their alone time and they’re pretty hard to pin down, so you probably enjoy the chase.

Good luck trying to keep up with them – if they can swim hundreds of kilometres at a time you can bet they’ve got endurance, but not just for sport. You definitely like your girls usually super headstrong and independent.

Photography credits: James Gourley 

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