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This Edinburgh cafe is offering free salad for LIFE with this very special offer


Having that perfect salad for lunch every day is everyone's dream. Your Instagram would improve an extortionate amount, and your general wellbeing would be through the roof as you watch people trudge their way into Subway, whilst you tuck in to your big green dream.

However, it's not always easy to replicate that banging salad with your bag of mixed leaf when you're sleepy eyed in the morning and your Monzo can't cope with the high street lunch prices everyday, so you find yourself in a bit of a rut.

Not any more, though! "Melon Bay", a new salad and smoothie bar in Edinburgh opened up in December 2018 and they are currently offering FREE SALAD FOR LIFE to their first wave of loyal customers.

All they ask is that you come into their cafe eight days in a row and purchase eight salads. By doing this, you'll then be entitled to their free salad for life deal, which makes for some seriously cheap library lunching.

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Chris MacRae, the founder, says that this offer is running in attempt "to try and promote consistent healthy eating." He also confirmed that "three people have completed their card so far" and he'll "stop the deal when 10 people have completed it so I don't go completely out of business."

Get them whilst they're hot (well, cold).