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Edinburgh University’s libraries have made over £780,000 in library fines since 2010

The library makes a pretty penny

A Freedom of Information request sent out by The Tab Edinburgh has revealed that the university's libraries have made £784,018 in library fines since 2010. £76,120 of this came from last year.

Yes, that is silly money, but it's still around 30 grand less than what they made the year before, where they managed to rack up £105,863 in the 2016-17 academic year.

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Crunch the numbers

The breakdown clearly demonstrated that the class of 2012/2013 were the most accustomed to stacking up the fines, giving the uni £119,654.

Now for the fun part. With this money, the library overlords could buy 784,018 shots at Hive, over three million Freddos (at the Sainsbury's online list price), or 21 whole degrees at Edinburgh University (*cough* scholarships *cough*). However, I still doubt they'd be able to rent a well-heated, mouse-free flat in Marchmont.