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Maisie Williams is coming to ECA next month

Calling all Game of Thrones fans

Maisie Williams, best known for her role as Arya Stark in the HBO series Game of Thrones, will be giving a talk in Edinburgh at the ECA on Wednesday 6th February as part of the promotional tour for her recently-launched app, Daisie. The event is free but ticketed, and is open to all ECA staff and students.

Aside from playing the coolest character in GOT, Maisie has also acted on Doctor Who, and in the 2014 film The Falling. In August 2018 she co-founded the social media app Daisie, a platform for networking within the creative industry that is aimed specifically at students. Guests are asked to download the Daisie app before the event.

According to the announcement on the Daisie website, Maisie will be talking about how she got into the industry, the struggles she overcame there, and how Daisie provides a platform for creators to pursue their careers. Daisie and Maisie (isn't that cute) are working to promote the idea of connectivity, and making it easier for graduates to break into the creative industry. And who knows – maybe she'll give a little something away about the next and final season of Game of Thrones, airing April 14th? Tickets are available here.